We know that there always questions for hair loss solutions. We answer the most frequent ones. Check out our FAQ's.

1- Are these treatments expensive??

It's impossible to say the price of the treatment because each case is unique and it will be a specific treatment plan. This is a medical procedure with the best surgery conditions. It's a process that has repercussions for your life, so we think it's is a great investment.

2 – What is the recovery period?

It depends but for the FUE technique you can go and work for the next day.  

3 – Is it painful?

Transplants hurt less than a tattoo and more than a shot of penicillin.  

4 – Are the results the expected ones?

Our main goal is a happy patient. We explain what is possible. We don't promise unachievable results.  

5 – How long do I have to wait for a hair transplant?

After the first appointment and after deciding the treatment plan, in approximately 15 days you will have new hair follicles that you can be proud of.  

If you have other questions, please don´t hesitate and ask our staff.


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