The most effective solution for hair loss, specially for regions with absence of hair, is the hair transplant is a surgery procedure that allows to place and redistribute hair follicles extracted from donor areas (occipital region - nape and temporal regions, that are genetically programmed to resist baldness. Therefore is possible to fill baldness areas or with lower hair density. There are two main transplant hair techniques: FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction and STRIP or FUT - Follicular Unit Transplantation.

FUE Technique - Follicle Unit Extraction

Concernig hair loss it´s recognized as the most advanced technique in the safe hair extraction, without damaging the hair follicles and avoiding scars. Using medical instruments with a 0,8 to 1mm diameters, it's possible to extract and implant the hair follicle safely and imperceptible. Yhe follicular units are separated according to the hair numbers (there are units from 1 to 4 hairs) and are implanted one by one in order to have a natural appearance. This procedure is done by a medical team with a vast experience in hair surgery. You can remove up to 1500/2000 follicles in one or two days.
  • The rejection risk are lowered or absent due to the hair being from the patient.;
  • It's a painless procedure, due to the effect of a local anesthesia;
  • Returning to the daily life is immediate;
  • Characteristics and needs of the patients are fully respected;
  • Extraction is made having the number of follicles available in the donor area;
  • Post-surgery needs are very simple;
  • Possible complications are very rare and the most common are folliculitis or telogen effluvium.

FUT - Folicular Unit Transplantation

It is the excision of a hair strip in the nape area, in order to be separated the hair follicles one by one to be placed in the lower density hair areas or absent ones.
The scar has a 2mm width and is covered by the surrounding hair. It's made a internal suture with internal stitches, therefore there is no need for stitches removal.
This fighting hair loss technique has some demanding conditions:
  • When there aren't big quantities needs or the follicle form doesn't allows another extraction technique;
  • When the hair in the nape is highly dense that can cover the scar.

Follicular Transplants

Follicular extraction to be placed in hair loss areas that have been damaged by over depilation, burns, wounds or genetic failures .


Due to aging, over depilation, burns or wounds many women and men have lack of hair in eyebrows, or visible scars. through transplants from head to eye brows.


Having long and beautiful lashes is possible through transplants. It may have disappeared due to aging or never had it, but now you can have your dream lashes.


This technique has a growing popularity in United States. Transplanting hair to get a higher density in beard or to hide scars. In Europe and Portugal is still an unknown technique for the majority but it's growing fast.


Despite the nowadays trends, there are people that want to intensify this area with follicles. To correct faillures or just for option, it's increasing the cases of transplants to regenerate the pubic hair.


Reconstructions are a specific field of hair transplantology that has the purpose of recovering follicles failures in areas that may have suffered scars, burns, genetic failures, medical interventions or harsh skin allergies.


Many of these are located in hair zones like head, beard, moustache, legs, arms or pubic region. The FUE technique have brought new possibilities to hair surgery by the absence of scars using follicles one by one to have a natural and perfect outcome result.


Burns causes alopecia (lack of hair). To correct this it's possible to the following techniques:
  • expanders;
  • hair transplants;
  • or hair grafts.
Complex cases justify many times more than one surgery.


The majority of old cases, the hair transplant was made by the strip technique, having a very visible scar. It's possible to correct these situations by hair transplant to this area. In other cases there is still the need for an higher hair concentration, therefore it´s possible to increase this by a new surgery. Unfortunately, there are clinics that do not have the FUE technique neither do complementary treatments in order to prevent greater hair loss. In this cases, the FUE transplant allows a proper corrections by transplanting follicle by follicle.

Body Hair transplants

Using body hair allows corrections with patients that do not have enough doner area. It's a technique that take too much time and requires several sessions, but it can transform completely a bold man.

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